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What are the financing features?
Leased equipment of sales 25%
Equipements 25%
Stocks 50%
What is a pledge with dispossession?

A pledge with delivery is a contract that enables a company to use its inventory as collateral for financing. The solidity of the system makes it possible to provide companies with a significant amount of financing.

Here are the key points to bear in mind:

Who is eligible?

Asset-owning SMEs and SMBs can leverage their inventories and/or industrial equipment.

Thanks to Gagéo's offer, companies can strengthen their medium- and long-term financial structure by using financing backed by their inventories and/or essential equipment.

To qualify, companies must have annual sales of at least €10 million, or €20 million for a group of companies, and inventories of over €6 million.

Depending on the case, their needs may arise from the following situations:

  • growing companies at the limit of their banking facilities, wishing to strengthen their financial structure with medium- and long-term financing,
  • companies wishing to diversify their sources of financing with long-term resources, without affecting their capital structure and without any dilutive effect,
  • companies lacking adequate banking facilities and wishing to find financing to pursue their repositioning,
  • companies under LBO wishing to refinance their mezzanine debt at a more attractive rate and alleviate restrictive covenants.
  • companies looking to finance their operating cycle (WCR) and/or modernization/growth projects.
What stocks are eligible?

Stable, fully-owned inventories are a sustainable financing base for companies

Company inventories are pledged as collateral for financing. Depending on the case, the inventories pledged may be finished goods, raw materials or work-in-progress linked to long maturation cycles, such as wines and spirits.

They must be slow-maturing, not subject to retention-of-title clauses, and can be easily assessed & inspected during on-site visits.

Examples of eligible types of inventory include :

  • raw materials used by companies in the industrial, agricultural and energy sectors,
  • mechanical parts for the naval, automotive and aeronautical industries,
  • wood, paper, packaging, furniture and manufacturing industry products,
  • food products, wines and spirits,
  • metal products and by-products,
  • consumer durables,
  • finished products from the shipbuilding, automotive, aeronautical,
  • manufacturing and metallurgical industries.
What equipment is eligible?

Fonds Gagéo finances essential equipment for industrial operators.

Equipment eligible as collateral for Gagéo financing must have the following characteristics:

  • be new or used industrial equipment or machine tools,
  • be essential to the production process, activity and/or operation of the lessee,
  • have a low obsolescence rate,
  • be recoverable by third-party experts
  • be capable of being remarketed.

Some examples of eligible types of equipment:

  • fleets of industrial vehicles, lifting equipment or logging trucks,
  • equipment leased to users, engines, handling equipment, etc.
  • Industrial machine tools equipment for a paper production plant, such as press lines, die-cutting, packaging units, mold-making equipment, recycling lines, etc.
Obtaining financing

Afin d’instruire une demande de financement, chaque entreprise doit être en mesure de fournir un dossier d’information complet, portant à la fois sur ses performances financières passées et futures ainsi que ses actifs. Le  tout permettant d’envisager une mise à disposition des fonds sous 12 semaines environ.